My approach towards photography is unique. What I specialize in is this:

1) Creative Dramatic Imagery (strong colors, strong lights and strong blacks). I prefer vibrant and contrasty images because it just looks beautiful, rich, exciting and enticing, and it is a timeless style that never really gets old.

2) Posing (setting up the shot, directing positions and movements). I strongly believe that more important than creating images, is creating the moments. Most people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I try to eliminate that discomfort as much as possible. Once people are at ease, natural and beautiful moments start to seep through.

I am also a hybrid shooter. What that means is that I am capable of providing your wedding day photo and video coverage. You get a photographer and a videographer in one package! Modern technology allows me to be able to quickly capture video footage in combination with photography. I then create an awesome 5-10 minute highlight video of the wedding, and it's BEAUTIFUL!